Why a Third Party?

To offer the American people the choice “You can have any kind of politics you want, as long as it is republican or democrat” is a sham choice, reinforced by sham laws. It is really about keeping power where it is right now…bankers, bureaucrats of all kinds, big corporations, and political parties that know how to use public law to their advantage at the expense of individual rights, free markets and limited government. It is a sophisticated form of bribing voters with their own money.

Some people say two political parties are enough to handle America’s needs; that they can change with the times. I am convinced republican/democrat change is a myth. For decades they have advocated policies that work against prosperity. Both are demonstrably socialist, both trade individual rights for government promises of security, both desire to control markets, both benefit from the legalized systems of fraud and economic discrimination that are the law today, both are tied to the same technocrats that make the machine of government function day to day, and both crave power over all else. They are wedded to what they have created in this country and to each other.

Others say good people, such as Ron Paul and Peter Schiff, stick with the two party system because it works. The Pauls and the Schiffs do what they do out of political pragmatism. Ron Paul changed parties because his old district was gerrymandered out from under him, and he had to make a political choice to stay a voice for liberty or be sidelined. Schiff knows the path of least resistence is to be a republican and use the political machine already in place rather than try and get a third party engine running. To say they are voluntarily members of the GOP is the same kind of demented thinking that calls taxes “contributions” to the government.

160 years of two dominant parties comes at a price. You cannot claim you are for freedom, and at the same time limit it. You cannot claim you are legitimate, and at the same time force people into choices they otherwise would not make. And the republican and democratic parties can no more represent a new political direction in the country than changing clothes can change a persons character.

The Libertarian Party is rising from these circumstances simply because the dominant parties do not serve what makes life worth living; individual rights, free markets and limited government.