NFLP Executive Committee Votes to Support Mark Wichern for Congress

The Executive Committee of the Northwest Florida Libertarian Party voted on 20 August to endorse the candidacy of Mark Wichern for Representative to the U.S. Congress in District One of Florida. Mr. Wichern is running on a No Party Affiliation ticket (NPA), and this is the first time the NFLP has endorsed a candidate other than a member of the Libertarian Party. The incumbent is Mr. Jeff Miller.  After meeting with members of the NFLP and completing a questionnaire, it became apparent Wichern’s support for individual rights, free markets and limited government largely coincides with Libertarian views of the same topics, and the NFLP wishes him luck in his quest to reach the Congress. The Wichern campaign can be reached at   and   850-916-0797