NFLP Disavows Augustus Sol Invictus

The Northwest Florida Libertarian Party Disavows Augustus Sol Invictus as Libertarian Candidate for U.S. Senate

Augustus Sol Invictus, a registered Libertarian from Orange County Florida, seeks to win the U.S. Senate seat from Florida in the 2016 election. Normally, the Northwest Florida Libertarian Party (NFLP) welcomes the real competition and real solutions that Libertarian candidates bring to Florida elections.  However, in this case, the Executive Committee voted unanimously to neither condone nor support the candidacy of Mr. Invictus on the Libertarian Party Ticket.

Libertarians eschew the use of force to achieve social or political goals, and justify  force only in defense of ones rights, property or person.   Through his writings, video presentations and personal appearances, Mr. Invictus has advocated for civil war, as well as advocating for a state run eugenics program that would weed out what he would consider the weakest, the mentally infirm and the most diseased.   The NFLP echoes the popular sentiment from across the political spectrum that such attitudes are abhorrent. They are completely in opposition to what Libertarians stand for.

Unfortunately, the LPF is powerless to prevent Mr. Invictus being on the ballot.  In 2007 the Florida Legislature removed provisions of FS 96.096 that allowed political parties to approve of who ran under their banners.  The LPF officially opposes this law. Unless he is opposed by another candidate in a primary election, a matter that requires a great deal of money and an additional candidate, Mr. Invictus will bear the Libertarian name on the ballot before the voters.  The law removed First Amendment protections from all political parties, major and minor alike, to decide who represents them, and invites political mischief from anyone with a checkbook that can pay the candidate filing fee.  Libertarians would no more advocate that Republicans or Democrats be forced to accept candidates they do not want than we would have to accept such candidates ourselves.

The NFLP strongly urges Mr. Invictus to remove himself from the Libertarian Party of Florida and find a group more in line with his ideology.

Pete Blome

Chair, Northwest Florida Libertarian Party