Pete Blome and Lee Jackson elected to the Exec Committee of the LPF

Sweeping Changes at the Libertarian Party of Florida Convention!

From April 29 through May 1st, the Libertarian Party of Florida held its annual Convention, part of which is to elect new officers.

Pete Blome was elected to the Executive Committee of the LPF as an At-Large Director.

Although Blome originally opposed John Smith for the position, Mr. Smith decided to run for Chair of the Party, but withdrew from that race at the convention. By a nomination from the floor, Vicki Kirkland (former Chair of the LPF) opposed Blome for the vote, but was defeated by a delegate vote of 29 to 21.

Pete will focus his efforts to establish Libertarian representation in Tallahassee and Pensacola, and to support administrative changes that will lead to a better functioning Party.

Lee Jackson became LPF region 5 representative, for a second term, in an unopposed election.

Okaloosa and Santa Rosa Counties sent four voting delegates to the Palm Beach convention, Steve Carithers, Karl Denninger, Lee Jackson and Pete Blome.

Overall Election Results from the 2011 Palm Beach Convention

Chair Adrian Willey
Vice Chair Austin Paris
Secretary Greg Lennon
Treasurer Sandy Koplowitz
Assist Treasurer Steve LaBiancia

At Large 1 Pete Blome
At Large 2 Karl Dickey
At Large 3 Clive Rickets

Reg 1 John Sottilare
Reg 2 Janey Dame
Reg 3 Kyle West
Reg 4 Ken Donnally
Reg 5 Lee Jackson
Reg 6 open
Reg 7 Richard Nader
Reg 8 Richard Molek
Reg 9 Char-Lez Braden
Reg 10 Sean Landon
Reg 11 open