New York makes flu vaccine mandatory for 500,000

The State of New York has made it mandatory that “health” workers in the state take the H1N1 flu vaccine or be fired.

Most peoples concern seems to be over safety, but the real issue is the power of government. Should government have the right to force you, a private citizen, to assume the risk of taking a vaccine or lose your job? Curiously, if something goes wrong, the makers of the vaccine have been protected from lawsuits.

To be clear, this is not a matter of spreading disease germs. New York is looking only to prevent mass outages of health workers by making a statistical few take large risks with their health.

It may be smart, it may even be safe to take the H1N1 vaccine, but the ultimate decider on what goes in your body is you. You should not be forced to decide whether to inject substances into your body that may do you harm or lose your job because the state is seeking greater efficiency.

That is something no state should force on its citizens.

The role of government is to protect individual rights. Vaccine manufacturers should not be shielded by law from lawsuits. If you actually contract the flu and it causes problems with medical care, your employer then has cause to fire you, but to terminate employment because it might adversely affect matters, especially at such a personal risk, is an unjustifiable leap in government power.

Thats my opinion – Pete Blome