LPOC Proxy Vote Instructions

Any Okaloosa libertarian may give the power of their vote to another Okaloosa registered libertarian.

To do so, the person giving their proxy to another must provide some sort of hand written record that declares “PROXY,” their signature, the proxy givers name, address, date when they signed the proxy, to whom they gave the proxy, and any time or use restrictions of the proxy.

A person using a proxy must have in their possession this record at time of voting or the proxy votes will be declared invalid. All proxy voting will be subject to verification, if necessary.

A proxy vote will be valid for a maximum of 180 days from date of signature. It could be designated a proxy vote for one election, a period of time, or expire at 180 days depending on what the proxy giver desires.

A proxy vote given to another may be revoked at any time for any reason. It is up to the person giving their proxy to someone else to make sure that proxy is revoked before any meeting or election takes place. A person seeking a proxy must provide his name, address, phone, email (if applicable) to the proxy giver. A person wishing to revoke his proxy can also contact the Executive Committee of the LPOC by using info@libertarianpoc.org.

Proxy votes may not be used in conjunction with absentee votes.





Date of signature:

To whom proxy given:

Expiration (automatic after 180 days from date of signature):