Libertarian 2011 Convention Proposal

Chairman J. J. Chairman J.J. 7 July 2010
The Libertarian Party of Florida
P.O. Box 3012
Winter Park, Florida, 32790

Dear Mr. Chairman,

This letter is the bid from Okaloosa County to host the Libertarian Party of Florida Convention in 2011.

Okaloosa County proposes the following:


The Emerald Grande Hotel, Destin. Besides being first class lodging, it has excellent conference rooms and support. It is surrounded by first class eating and drinking establishments, and overlooks the Destin Harbor, a truly beautiful view. The Emerald Grande is a well known and stately hotel that would make a strong public relations statement., 850-337-8100


I am presuming a date in the spring, March or April, such as has been the case with past conventions. Okaloosa proposes a two day program, preferably on a non legal holiday, non major sporting event weekend.


Conference rooms, as well as one, two, three and four bedroom condos are all available in the high rise Emerald Grande.

Conference rooms will cost $500 per day. It can be subdivided into smaller conference areas, and the Emerald Grande includes a separately located glass enclosed boardroom type meeting room as part of a Conference room rental. If 100 libertarians attend the next convention, this cost would come to $5 per person, per day, less if more people attend. The conference room is available March 5/6, and single days only 13 and 20 March. In April, single days only 13, 17, and 27 April.

The Emerald Grande also has a meeting room called the Charter Room, which is very large and comfortable, and has a 10th floor view of Choctawhatchee Bay. It costs $250 per day. It has a private bar as well as fireplaces. However, it cannot hold more than 50-75 people. It may serve as an alternative, or supplement, to the Conference room. The front of the Charter room can be seen in the YouTube video 2009-12-09 LPOC Speech.mp4. by Karl Denninger. The Charter room is available all dates in March and April 2011.

The best lodging deal is the four bedroom condo which has four individual bedrooms (with individual doorways and private bathrooms), as well as a common area. The four bedroom units are typically in the corners of the high rise Emerald Grande. One of the four bedrooms is equipped with bunk beds, so this may not suit all participants. It costs $395 per night. Divided by 5 participants (two using the bunk beds) the cost is $79 per night.

A three bedroom condo, again with individual bedrooms, bathrooms and a common area, costs $315 per night. One and two bedroom condos cost proportionately more.


Day One (Sat)

  • Introductions
  • LPF officer reports
  • Constitution and Bylaws changes and votes


  • Elections for LPF offices:
  • Evening Dinner with Guest Speaker:
  • Location: McGuires, across the street from EG

Dat 2(Sun)

  • Seminars

The LPOC further proposes the following items:

a) All conference bid proposals should be sent to all county chairs so as to solicit opinions, ideas and support . The date and time of the conference call to determine who wins the bid should be announced well ahead of time. Every county chair should be invited.

b) Proposed bylaw changes should be mailed to County Chairs approximately two weeks prior to the convention so as to prepare for and speed convention discussion and votes.

c) The convention room should be arranged by county with appropriate signs indicating counties present.

d) A trained Parliamentarian should conduct the votes to change the constitution and bylaws.

e) The LPF convention display materials (hotel banners, etc) should be taken out of storage and used, and the meeting place appropriately decorated for maximum public recognition. The public should be invited to the convention as much as is possible without degrading important party matters.

f) Notice of the convention should be sent to the maximum number of media outlets possible. There should be a media interview time/place so party officials or counties that wish to make public statements can do so.

g) Seminars on day two can cover topics such as the following:

– What Florida Issues will bring libertarian victory in 2012?

– Full slate- how to convince qualified people to run

– Libertarian contacts and donors – how to find them, how to keep them

– A libertarian economic program – how to attract the support of business

h) The day one guest speaker should be someone who can draw in people who are not registered libertarians. Okaloosa county suggests that one or more of the following people be contacted, and LPF funds be allocated, so as to determine their availability and cost as guest speakers in the spring of 2011. It is entirely possible that a guest speaker may ask for $5000 to appear, but a good guest speaker will draw in people who refuse to go to a libertarian convention now. Admission can be charged to the public, if necessary, and donated to the LPF to recoup costs. The media should be invited.

Walter Williams
Tom Woods
Drew Carey
Rand Paul
Clint Eastwood
Peter Schiff
Steve Forbes
Federal reserve Board Chair from Atlanta
Penn of Penn and Teller
Jacob Hornberger
Ron Paul
Any libertarian large business owner
Lew Rockwell
Charles Goyette
Heller from Heller vs Wash DC
CATO rep
Wayne Allen Roote
Bob Barr
Andrew Napolitano
Karen Kwiatkowski
Downsize DC rep
Jim Rogers
Marc Faber
Naomi Wolf

Peter J. Blome, Chairman
The Libertarian Party of Okaloosa County