Free the Taxpayer!

Dear Editor:

Successful politicians avoid change like a plague. David Axelrod confirmed that on Sunday’s “Meet the Press” when he used perfect “think-speak” to argue that “eliminating tax cuts while adding in new middle-class tax cuts doesn’t mean raising taxes.” He also argued how it was important that some, but not all, people get some relief now.

How paternalistic! Almost 50% of our population has 100% relief from income taxes already! They are beholden to the government for their Earned Income Credit.

I believe that it is time for the rest of us to receive our 100% relief from personal income taxes! Are we surprised when heavily taxed New Yorkers move to Florida where there is no income tax? No. If America had no personal or corporate income taxes, would we be surprised to see the most productive people and largest corporations from around the world relocating to America?

Mr. Axelrod’s message was not for change, just a little fine tuning. All Americans deserve a better, bolder response than this from a team that ran on a platform of change. In Congress there is a bill to do just that. It is the Fair Tax, a bold major restructuring of how we the people would pay taxes. You would control when you paid this tax, not the IRS. There would be no IRS. When you bought something, you would pay this national sales tax. When you saved money no taxes would be paid. Wealthier people would pay more, less wealthy less and the poorest would receive a monthly pre-bate of the taxes on their necessities.

Act quickly! Inform your Representatives and Senators that we want bold change that will free the taxpayer from the politics as usual of economic manipulation! Adopt the Fair Tax!

Lee Jackson