A note from Lee Jackson…8 Aug 10

I am writing to Independent and Tea Party voters! In July, a letter writer told us to “choose very carefully” between two Senate candidates this November.

Choosing carefully is good, but the writer was misleading. He listed just the two candidates in his sights. But that is a great deception! There are actually 22 candidates! [source: election.myflorida.com/candidate/canlist.asp]

Three professional politicians have been “approved” by all the pundits and polling firms, plus one democrat who has bought his way into the contest. You wonder why money is a major factor in elections? The press covers only those who can carpet bomb the electorate with advertising. This year, if you believe the coverage, we are faced with voting for the “evil of three lessers” and one billionaire.

The three politicians want the greater job security of Senator. However, they will bring nothing new to the Senate. Their policy solutions will be unchanged and properly vetted by their party conference, influenced by vested interests, and will not rock the status quo.

Independents, voting for “winning” candidates in the past, have been disappointed because our Republic continued its slide to larger, more intrusive, less responsive Government.

On August 21st, take the opportunity to meet and hear the Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, Alex Snitker, at the “U.S. Constitution Freedom Rally” organized by the Emerald Coast Tea Party. Check out this citizen candidate for liberty. Do your research, talk with him, become part of the solution and stop voting for “evil”.

Lee Jackson