Vote Third Party

I am writing to those disappointed with their
political party or who have decided not to vote in future elections because of
politicians’ sense of entitlement.
Politicians live in political cocoons suckling on
the teat of power — those tax dollars taken from us by force — but unlike a
newborn baby who becomes sleepy from nursing after a time, politicians merely
grow bolder and create more ingenious ways to extract dollars from our pockets
to increase their power.
paper has been filled with examples this past month. Politicians assume the
following: a false dichotomy of liberal conservative thinking; that 40 to 50
percent of eligible people will not vote; and the “independent” voter determines
who wins.
How do we change this and get their attention?
Salespeople know that decisions are based on a fear of loss. A politician’s only
fear is the loss of power: reduced “political turf,” smaller budgets, or —
horrors — not being re-elected.
only power we citizens have to create and amplify this fear is our single vote.
At least David had three smooth stones to fight Goliath!
party-line voters need only be tolerated. Those of you who don’t vote can be
ignored! That leaves just 10 to 15 percent of the voters, those precious
“independents,” who must be seduced with the “fear of the day” issue. Imagine
the possibilities — the power of independents and today’s nonvoters when they
start voting for third-party candidates!   We
don’t have to put up with it any longer! Change the political dynamic. Vote third