Such a Nice Lady

Wendy Williams is a well-known talk show host on TV. I don’t really watch the tube much, but I occasionally catch snippets of her show during those few times I channel surf. Those glimpses made me like her. Her appeal is that you can step in on the conversation much like visiting a neighbor for coffee, mentally engage her in pleasant banter, and coming away feeling better for it. It is a feel good show.

One of her topics today (22 Feb) was Tiffany Trump. It turns out that this daughter of the President was recently “shunned” at a New York fashion show. Some of the people around her at that show said they refused to sit next to her, and the few that did looked like they were in no way even trying to be civil. Wendy had photos. The reason? Her father is the President, it was New York, those people did not approve of him, so they took it out on the daughter. Wendy’s straight-faced reaction? “Tiffany, go home to your dad, put your head on his shoulder and cry, and tell him what happened.”

The lack of empathy stunned me. I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked any more by those who I thought were decent people suddenly doing bad things, but I still am. Here we have a private citizen daughter of the President wanting to go to a public fashion show, presumably to relax and enjoy herself, she gets publicly ostracized, and Ms. Williams approves of it. She further recommended that Tiffany succumb to the boorish behavior of the maddening crowd at that show by being emotionally weak (she wasn’t) to bring pressure on her father to change his ways. Ms. Williams apparently has no scruples against using her nationwide show to advocate using a family member of the President in a disgraceful fashion to influence public policy. I’m sorry, but that is totally messed up.

I have no love for Mr. Trump. I am a Libertarian, and I do not approve of state heavy solutions to America’s fiscal or social problems in general, whether they be Trumpian, Republican or Democrat in origin. However, going after innocent family members is going too far. Ms. Williams has a show watched by millions, and it obviously can send a bad message. It gets repeated in the social media to infinity. So far, the Trumps have had to endure the MSM accusations that the First Lady was a prostitute in Slovenia, an NBC writer that actually said their ten year old son would grow up to be a serial killer, and now Tiffany shunned by a foppish crowd that considers itself too “principled” or “noble” to even sit next to her at a fashion show. What self-important nonsense. Forget that this never happened to the past President’s family. It is simply the sort of sociopathic behavior that ruins lives. It makes it far more difficult for a republic to function. Just because a mother or father are important public figures is not a reason to subject their families to the flamethrower of outrageous public ridicule. Instead of showing judgment and perhaps empathy for Tiffany, Wendy jumped on the MSM Bandwagon of bloody mindedness.   I am disappointed in her. It showed no class.

If we do not have limits to our ire, especially where no force or fraud has been used, everything we cherish will burn. That serves no one. There really is a time to condemn uncivil behavior. Picking on a political figure’s uninvolved family is uncivil, and hurts all of us in the end.

Wendy, I used to think you were such a nice lady. Now, I see something different.

Pete Blome is Chair of the Northwest Florida Libertarian Party and a retired military officer






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