Congressman Jeff Miller and CISPA

Once again, Jeff Miller voted to limit your rights. This April 18th, he voted for the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) in the US House.

This Act encourages private companies (such as email providers) to share their information with government agencies. The bill neither mentions due process, nor talks about government obtaining a warrant, but it does induce cyber communication companies to willingly and secretly provide private information about you to the government via immunity. As said in HR624, page 8, line 24, “…no criminal cause of action shall be maintained in Federal or State Court… [for cyber entities providing information.]” If these firms turn your life upside down by disclosing what may be totally innocent information, you have no legal recourse.

It is curious that a former sheriff’s deputy, like Mr. Miller, doesn’t understand the terms secure in papers and effects or due process. Giving legal immunity to private business to reveal information without cause, sometimes against private contracts, so government can then massively pick through private lives is against the Fourth Amendment and opens the doors to corruption. Do you honestly think nameless, faceless bureaucrats protected by anonymity and the law won’t steal from you if they have a chance? They do in the TSA. Worse still, it gives the government power to blackmail those it doesn’t like.

The “conservative” Jeff Miller certainly is no libertarian. If he was he’d see just how dangerous this kind of shallow legislating is, and quit saying how he is protecting us.

Pete Blome

Chair, Northwest Florida Libertarian Party (NFLP)