Commissar Boyles

At the County property tax review meeting 5 September County Commissioner Nathan Boyles showed that he’ll use class envy combined with authoritarian access to private information to discredit those opposed to him in public. Pelosi, Waters, and Wasserman-Schultz, not to mention Lenin and Mao, would be proud of his tactics.

A friend of mine, Karl Denninger, went to that very meeting to oppose the 11% property tax increase this year advocated by Nathan Boyles. While Mr. Denninger spoke, Commissioner Boyles looked at his tax records on his handy-dandy Commissioner’s computer and essentially read into the public record the assets of Mr. Denninger. He then said that a person who owns so much should have no problem affording the tax increase. It’s all on tape.

The nerve of it all. For performing a civic service for everyone who opposes taxes, Mr. Denninger gets to have his assets listed in public and then self-righteously told by a public official he should pay more, like a good little proletariat. Is this what Okaloosa has turned into?

This was a blatant attempt to intimidate a common citizen. What does Nathan Boyles fear in a common citizen to allow privacy and respect to go out the window?

Maybe he’s afraid that everyone will learn just how much Nathan Boyles likes being in unquestioned charge of things.

This cannot stand, or before we know it, Okaloosa will look just like Washington D.C.

Pete Blome

Chair, Northwest Florida Libertarian Party