Legalized Corruption

It has recently come to the attention of the American public that their Congressmen have pulled a fast one on them by excluding themselves from insider trading laws.

There is one recent bill to stop this odorous exemption from the law, but until the recent “60 Minutes” piece, it had only one other Congressman co-sponsoring it, and that co-sponsor was not Jeff Miller.

The idea that members of Congress can make money doing something that you or I would go to jail for is outrageous. Congressional supporters of the exemption say they are covers by ethics rules that would prevent insider trading.

Tell that to those who have gone to prison. Wouldn’t it be nice if they had an “ethics rule” that did not include prison instead of the legal code.

Don’t kid yourself. Congress is taking advantage of their position.

This matter goes to the heart of how Congress does business, and the only remedy is to vote out those who think they can live by a separate law than the rest of us.

Look up Libertarian Candidate Calen Fretts. The rule of law is for everybody.

We are not a land of truth and justice for some.