Fundraiser Address at the Emerald Grande

Ladies and Gentlemen, It is wonderful to see you all tonight, and on behalf of the Libertarian Party of Okaloosa County I would like to thank you for coming to this Okaloosa Libertarian fundraiser, high above the city of Destin, in the wonderful Emerald Grande. It should be a night to remember.

Okaloosa County is a great place to live. It has wonderful people, beautiful forests, tranquil beaches and does not seem to lack for anything, except one thing…when it comes to local government it lacks competition.

Americans in general, and libertarians in particular believe in competition. The greatest amount of happiness and prosperity come from people being able to compete in a free market where their individual rights are preserved by a government that is limited in its power. This is what leads to lasting benefits for both individuals and society. Most people would agree. But for the last 150 years, from Okaloosa County all the way to the Congress, our leaders can come from only the Republican or Democrat Parties. In a group of four Americans you will find five different opinions, but somehow when election time comes we all just fall in line behind two major parties. As ridiculous as it seems, every solution, every possibility, every good, comes from either column R or column D, and no where else.

That , of course, is false. The legacy of decades of Republican and Democrat rule is that real competition has been eliminated. Our markets are managed for the ultimate benefit of a few. There are no effective limits to what government can do. Our individual rights and privacy get traded away by legislatures for temporary, and questionable, assurances of security. The republicans and democrats have been doing this dance with each other for so long, they don’t want anyone else to join.

Our current economic debacle is the result of this attitude towards a libertarian approach. Just look at the attempted remedies:

Artificially low interest rates, a form of price fixing, discourages individual savings, just when savings are what households need.

The Congress, the Secretary of the Treasury and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve prop up failed banks and dead companies – when these zombie institutions should be buried, so new firms can take their places.

The federal, state, and local governments borrow trillions – when the money is desperately needed in the private sector in order to correct bubble-era capital investment mistakes

And they shackle future generations to trillions in debt – when the next generation will have a hard enough time coping with its own problems.

Furthermore, it is taken for granted that government can and should… use the tax system to achieve social goals instead of people doing so by free association.

It is taken for granted that government can and should…take the lead in planning and running the economy instead of people voting with their wallets

It is taken for granted that government can and should…do anything that it sets it fickle mind to

The Republicans and Democrats have forgotten that the business of government is not to own business, or to grant favors, but to protect individual rights.

Libertarians know America can do better. America is built on Libertarian values. No one thinks about their future and says “I look forward to the day the day the government confiscates my property, gives me what they see fit for it, tells me how to use it, taxes me on everything I buy and sell, manages the market I go to, changes financial rules to suit themselves, gives privileges to my business competitors, gives my money to failing businesses, devalues my currency, gives me permission to travel, searches where they like, tells me how I can speak on political matters, monitors my personal finances, tells me what I can do with my body, and forces others to give me financial support and health care,“ but, incredibly, that is where we are.

Every solution, every good, every possibility does not come from government, but from individuals who put the time, sweat, caring and personal risk into a project to make it better. Libertarians are about making it possible to do for yourself, and allow others to do for themselves as much as possible. At the same time we must maintain the legitimate, and limited, roles of government such as defense, a justice system, and maintaining our republic according to the constitution.

What then does the Libertarian Party of Okaloosa County want to do?

Simply, we want to build a sustainable party that can speak for those in the county who believe in individual rights, free markets and limited government.

We invite you to take part in these exciting times, and help shape this party.

Your generous contributions will allow the Libertarian party of Okaloosa County to:

Incorporate, Advertise, Engage, grow, and organize those actively involved in such issues as Public Corruption, Beach erosion, the Mid Bay Bridge, Where to cut in county government, The County’s relationship with the state bureaucracy, Eminent domain, County housing, Mortgages and real estate, permits, zoning and much more

We will organize efforts to make it easy for people to register as libertarians

We will increase contacts with locals groups that share Libertarian values, and understand the personal benefits of living without the crutch of government.

And most of all, find and support libertarian candidates who can implement this vision

Yes, that sounds like a lot, but with your help it will be done.

Tell your friends and neighbors about us. Let us know about those people you think are leaders, and we will contact them. It will be one of the best things you can do for your own freedom and prosperity, as well as that of your friends and neighbors.

Remember, the best parts of America are libertarian.

Please visit our website, that’s, to keep up with events in Okaloosa County. You can also use it to comment and tell us what matters to you.

Before I introduce tonight’s guest speaker, I would like to thank the assistance of Ben Jurgens, our vice-chairman, Jeff Bullard, our treasurer and Steve Copus, our Secretary for their dedication and for helping arrange this event.

I would also like to thank libertarians Lee Jackson, Clyde Hartz, Tony Mork, and Mike Maier for their outstanding support over the last year.

And lastly, I would like thank my son, Madi, who was your elevator operator.

Please allow me to change gears a little bit now and talk about the highlight of the evening.

The economy. It is on everyone’s mind. And it is especially on the mind of our guest speaker, Mr. Karl Denninger.

I first noticed the name Karl Denninger while surfing the financial web pages a year or two ago. I soon realized he was being quoted in a wide range of places, sometimes without mentioning his name. A resident of “Sunny Niceville Florida,” Karl Denninger is the former CEO of MCSNet, a major regional Internet company in the 1990s that served the greater Chicago area. Today he writes The Market Ticker, a daily Internet publication focused on the economy and capital markets. He received the 2009 Reed Irvine “Accuracy In Media” award for his coverage of the 2008 / 2009 financial market meltdown. Increasingly well known and widely respected, He is a YouTube market commentator, CNBC television guest, and contributor to 321 Gold, the Burning Platform,,, and probably a dozen other websites I haven’t seen yet.

Please welcome Mr. Karl Denninger….

Fundraiser at the Emerald Grand Hotel with Karl Denninger December 2009