New York makes flu vaccine mandatory for 500,000

The State of New York has made it mandatory that “health” workers in the state take the H1N1 flu vaccine or be fired.

Most peoples concern seems to be over safety, but the real issue is the power of government. Should government have the right to force you, a private citizen, to assume the risk of taking a vaccine or lose your job? Curiously, if something goes wrong, the makers of the vaccine have been protected from lawsuits.

To be clear, this is not a matter of spreading disease germs. New York is looking only to prevent mass outages of health workers by making a statistical few take large risks with their health.

It may be smart, it may even be safe to take the H1N1 vaccine, but the ultimate decider on what goes in your body is you. You should not be forced to decide whether to inject substances into your body that may do you harm or lose your job because the state is seeking greater efficiency.

That is something no state should force on its citizens.

The role of government is to protect individual rights. Vaccine manufacturers should not be shielded by law from lawsuits. If you actually contract the flu and it causes problems with medical care, your employer then has cause to fire you, but to terminate employment because it might adversely affect matters, especially at such a personal risk, is an unjustifiable leap in government power.

Thats my opinion – Pete Blome

General Meeting Passes Important Bylaws Changes

On 10 Sep members of the Libertarian Party of Okaloosa County met at the LaRumba Restaurant in Niceville and passed reforms to allow for non-scheduled officer elections, and for the first time to allow proxy and absentee voting.

The meeting was attended by a small group of local libertarians. Jeff Bullard, the only remaining member of the LPOC executive committee and parliamentarian for the Florida Tattoo Artists Guild, acted as moderator.

The election reforms were proposed by candidate for LPOC Chairman Pete Blome. They are intended to resolve an impasse in party procedure that did not consider an executive committee unable to form a quorum and the resignation of the Chairman. The Chairman is the only person, according to the bylaws, who can appoint new officers. Appointees must also be approved by majority vote of the remaining executive committee officers .

Additional changes allowed Okaloosa Libertarians to vote via proxy or absentee vote. Okaloosa Libertarians were required to vote in person for elections and general meetings.

Jeff Bullard proposed to hold new elections 8 October 2009, in accordance with the newly passed bylaws, which was then unanimously passed.

At the conclusion of the meeting Pete Blome announced a slate of candidates for LPOC party Officers to include himself for Chairman, Ben Jurgens for Vice-Chairman, Jeff Bullard for Treasurer, and Steve Copus for Secretary.

Any registered Okaloosa Libertarian can run for party office or vote in an election, non-scheduled election, or general meeting.

The New Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules of the LPOC can be viewed in the downloads section of the LPOC website.

The Government Will Fix It

First published 7 August 2008

America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, is also the land of government intervention.

This is especially true regarding the economy.

Many of us are actually in favor of it. The popular thinking is that working within the constraints of the Constitution would be too great a price for the USA to pay. If we followed established law and enforced contracts the pain would simply be too great. It is easier to just sacrifice a few nameless, faceless people, and our principles, in the name of stability, smoothly functioning markets, and control.

I mean, what is not to like about Politicians creating a solution that business could not? If you do not like what the free markets brings, change it to suit your immediate needs. Government programs will make sure you and everybody else gets a piece of the action. Intervention is good because it keeps people in their jobs and keeps the money flowing.

No one notices the price you have to pay.

Living with injustice is one.

The trillion dollar bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is injustice of the most immediate and palpable type. When times were good, non-investors did not get a check, but now that times are bad everyone gets to pay. Worse still, the costs are so big, the value of the dollar may collapse. That will increase the cost of everything based in dollars forever. You think milk is expensive now, just wait.

Another example is the recently passed housing rescue bill which rewards those who bought more house than they could pay for. It actually reduces the mortgage for some people. What you do not hear is what happens to those people who live by their mortgage contracts, are responsible, and live within their means. They foot the bill for everybody else.

When the Federal Reserve arranged the JP Morgan buyout of Bear Stearns bank last March, they did it using funds the Fed created at the cost of greater inflation for the whole country. Since those who run large banks are a relatively small fraternity (our current Treasury Secretary came from Goldman Sachs), it also stands to reason that JP Morgan personnel are a big part of the rank and file of those who run the Federal Reserve.

Lets see, JP Morgan people deciding if the Fed should create money out of thin air to help out JP Morgan. Suspicious?

The Security and Exchange Commission recently excluded 19 commercial banks from trading rules that every other business still had to endure, such as short stock sales. It does not hurt you unless you were bank number 20 on the list and the stock owned by your poor old grandma drops 50%.

Examples of intervention like this are happening everyday. Several government bureaucracies such as the Exchange Stabilization Bank, the President’s Financial Working Group (executive order 12631) and the Federal Reserve itself are allowed by law to secretly intervene in the market. These secret interventions affect companies, and people like you, in real dollars, everyday. What you think will go up, might go down. What you think might have value, might instead prove to be worthless.

Even though they are part of your government and directly affect your pocketbook, you cannot know what they do. Your role is to just pay taxes and support them.

Living with injustice like this takes away opportunity, and opportunity is the heart of freedom. Because the government has decided to favor some businesses over others, the unfavored businesses waiting in the wings with good balance sheets will never get a chance to grow and make money for their investors. The old business will still be there. The old business will be protected with the weight of law.

In other words, your dreams will take a back seat to someone else not because you work less, but because they were bigger and will stay that way no matter what you do. They have government on their side.

In our land of rugged individualism, government influence has become the most important , and counterproductive, commodity there is.

American business is now not so much about building a better mousetrap than being the king rat who has access to government. This will lead to more graft as more government bureaucrats realize the control they have. Government protected businesses will use their advantage to hurt their unprotected competition every way they can.

Oh, by the way, you and I pay more forever.

What is not to like?

Peter J. Blome

Lee Jackson and Pete Blome resign Executive Committee

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Chairman (Lee Jackson) and Secretary (Pete Blome) have both resigned from the leadership of the Libertarian party of Okaloosa County due to differences over policy, expressions of non-confidence from Executive Committee (EC) associates, and issues related to the recent selection of Bay County Florida for the next state party convention.

Lee Jackson resigned August 1st, with Pete Blome tendering his resignation 2 August 2009.

The resignations cause a procedural problem because the position of vice-chairman was vacant, and there is no provision in the LPOC bylaws for an EC member to assume the chairmanship other than the vice-chairman. This leaves the EC unable to form a quorum, and is therefore unable to formulate LPOC policy, access funds, or conduct regularly scheduled elections. Treasurer Jeff Bullard is the only remaining EC member and has remained silent on the issue.

Lee Jackson resigned after signing a letter to the State Libertarian Party that was presented to him by Pete Blome, Jeff Bullard and Kathryn Weizel. This letter outlined questionable procedures and a possible lack of representation for Okaloosa County at the state party meetings that led to Bay County being selected for the state convention in 2010.

Pete Blome had proposed Lee Jackson use his powers of appointment before his resignation to designate him Chairman until LPOC elections scheduled for January to March 2010, but this idea was opposed by EC associate Kathryn Weizel and Okaloosa Libertarian Club President Sarah Zetterlind, and Jackson remained silent on the issue. The lack of confidence measure led to Blomes resignation.

Blome now proposes a General Meeting of libertarian party membership to be held 10 September 2009, at the LaRhumba Restaurant, Niceville, at 7 PM. The purpose of the meeting is to propose an amendment to the bylaws allowing for non-scheduled elections in the absence of an EC quorum. He proposes to hold these elections prior to January 2010.

Any Okaloosa County registered libertarian may run for office, vote in LPOC elections, or propose amendments at a general meeting. Proposed amendments must be in writing.

LPOC Proxy Vote Instructions

Any Okaloosa libertarian may give the power of their vote to another Okaloosa registered libertarian.

To do so, the person giving their proxy to another must provide some sort of hand written record that declares “PROXY,” their signature, the proxy givers name, address, date when they signed the proxy, to whom they gave the proxy, and any time or use restrictions of the proxy.

A person using a proxy must have in their possession this record at time of voting or the proxy votes will be declared invalid. All proxy voting will be subject to verification, if necessary.

A proxy vote will be valid for a maximum of 180 days from date of signature. It could be designated a proxy vote for one election, a period of time, or expire at 180 days depending on what the proxy giver desires.

A proxy vote given to another may be revoked at any time for any reason. It is up to the person giving their proxy to someone else to make sure that proxy is revoked before any meeting or election takes place. A person seeking a proxy must provide his name, address, phone, email (if applicable) to the proxy giver. A person wishing to revoke his proxy can also contact the Executive Committee of the LPOC by using

Proxy votes may not be used in conjunction with absentee votes.





Date of signature:

To whom proxy given:

Expiration (automatic after 180 days from date of signature):

LPOC Absentee Vote Instructions

Any Okaloosa registered libertarian may vote absentee in any scheduled or non scheduled election.

Absentee vote ballots will be provided on the website no later than two days prior to an election date.

An absentee ballot will have places for a voter to fill in their name, address, and date they signed the ballot.

Absentee ballots must be postmarked no later than the day prior to any election, or be declared invalid.

To use an absentee vote print out a copy of the ballot from the website, fill it in, and mail it to

The Libertarian Party of Okaloosa County
P.O. Box 483
Shalimar Florida, 32579-0483

Ballot as of 6 Oct 09




For Chairman – Pete Blome – Unopposed
For Vice Chairman – Ben Jurgens – Unopposed
For Treasurer – Jeff Bullard – Unopposed
For Secretary – Steve Copus – Unopposed

Write In Candidate (Note: any write in candidate must be able to serve IAW LPOC standing Rules)

Why a Third Party?

To offer the American people the choice “You can have any kind of politics you want, as long as it is republican or democrat” is a sham choice, reinforced by sham laws. It is really about keeping power where it is right now…bankers, bureaucrats of all kinds, big corporations, and political parties that know how to use public law to their advantage at the expense of individual rights, free markets and limited government. It is a sophisticated form of bribing voters with their own money.

Some people say two political parties are enough to handle America’s needs; that they can change with the times. I am convinced republican/democrat change is a myth. For decades they have advocated policies that work against prosperity. Both are demonstrably socialist, both trade individual rights for government promises of security, both desire to control markets, both benefit from the legalized systems of fraud and economic discrimination that are the law today, both are tied to the same technocrats that make the machine of government function day to day, and both crave power over all else. They are wedded to what they have created in this country and to each other.

Others say good people, such as Ron Paul and Peter Schiff, stick with the two party system because it works. The Pauls and the Schiffs do what they do out of political pragmatism. Ron Paul changed parties because his old district was gerrymandered out from under him, and he had to make a political choice to stay a voice for liberty or be sidelined. Schiff knows the path of least resistence is to be a republican and use the political machine already in place rather than try and get a third party engine running. To say they are voluntarily members of the GOP is the same kind of demented thinking that calls taxes “contributions” to the government.

160 years of two dominant parties comes at a price. You cannot claim you are for freedom, and at the same time limit it. You cannot claim you are legitimate, and at the same time force people into choices they otherwise would not make. And the republican and democratic parties can no more represent a new political direction in the country than changing clothes can change a persons character.

The Libertarian Party is rising from these circumstances simply because the dominant parties do not serve what makes life worth living; individual rights, free markets and limited government.