The next NFLP monthly meeting will be announced as soon as possible
Pete Blome resigns as NFLP Chair.
Spenser Garber assumes duties of Chair.  Daniel Palmer appointed Secretary. Questions? Contact Spenser at 850-450-2560   
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Welcome to the solution!

This is the place to make not just Okaloosa County government but the whole Panhandle better, to meet other libertarians, pursue real happiness and prosperity, and  join in any of our public events. Welcome aboard!

The best parts of living in America will always be Libertarian!

Libertarians are about genuine political competition such as individual rights, adherence to the Constitution, adherence to the rule of law, real limits to government, reduced taxation, privacy, self sufficiency, free markets, property rights, being in charge of your own mind and body, being free to pursue happiness as you see fit as long as force or fraud are not used by you or the government on others, …it is these libertarian aspects of the American way of life that allowed us to become the happy and prosperous country that we are. But….

150 years of the Republican/ Democrat political monopoly has killed the golden goose. 

These parties may say they value Libertarian principles, to get your vote, but only make government bigger, more powerful, and more intrusive in your life…they are scamming you! Don’t just fall in line and take it… Join Us and Make a Difference!  We want to bring the benefits of libertarian government to Okaloosa County and the Florida Panhandle. The Northwest Florida Libertarian Party needs money and volunteers to get out the message. Become part of our team. We have events going all the time…Use the contact links and get involved. Donate!  Contact any party officer to find out how to make a donation. Any amount, even a dollar, will help keep the libertarian voice alive! Vote!  Register and vote Libertarian. Most people heartily agree with Libertarian principles, but keep voting for the DemRep Party that time and time again has increased the power and cost of government at their expense. Fight back! Contact the Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections about registering as a Libertarian. 850-689-5600 ( The Northwest Florida  Libertarian Party is always searching for qualified candidates for political office. If you are interested, talk with one of the Party Officers and we will try to make your libertarian ambitions become reality. Come as you are…Be Part of the Solution  Paid political advertisement by the Northwest Florida Libertarian Party.